Half-an-Hour to cross Kuloor Bridge!

3:08 PM, Friday, July 20th, 2018
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half-an-hourMangaluru: The two bridges along NH 66 at Kuloor across the Phalguni River are in a state of disrepair. Vehicles plying through this bridge which is almost 30 meters in length need at least 30 minutes to achieve it!

The tar on the surface of the bridge has been completely ripped off giving birth to massive pot holes, thus compelling the vehicles plying here to go at snail’s pace. The highway department’s contractors have only worsened the situation by filling the pot holes with powdered gravel. The powder has clumped together forming mounds and inflicting much trouble for two-wheelers and light vehicles.

On one hand, goods vehicles traverse this stretch fearing when their axel might give away while on the other hand, those traversing on luxury vehicles travel at slow pace to prevent any damage to their vehicle and thereby end up paying heavily for its repair work. As a result, vehicles pile-up on both sides of the road for a minimum distance of 2-3kms making crossing the bridge a real struggle.

Though this is the situation every monsoon, no permanent solution has been provided yet. Though the retaining walls beneath the bridge have been washed off into the river, no repair work has been carried.

Owners of heavy vehicles are facing heavy loss due to the massive pot hole on the highway while entering the industrial area near Baikampady. Auto-rickshaws and other small vehicles prefer to ply through the inner roads instead of facing the dilapidated condition of the highway. Though the rickshaw owners and localities have brought the issue to the notice of the department, it has failed to take any remedial action. Its result of frequent patch up work amounts to nil.

“The highway department must take action to fill the pot holes. Since many years there exist pot holes at Baikampady. Though the tar was re-laid on the Kuloor Bridge recently, yet in a single rain it has been completely washed off. Though this problem repeats every year, the department only indulges in patch work. They need to take action and provide a permanent solution,” appeals Umesh Devadiga Edya, an auto-rickshaw driver.

“The various problems along the national highway from Talapady to Surathkal have been noticed. In its backdrop, a meeting has been conducted with the officials of the department and I have clearly directed them to initiate the repair works as per the given timetable for the repair work. The officials are completely responsible for the delay in the work,” said MP Nalin Kumar Kateel.


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