AC issues notice to remove the six floor Illegal building at Mangaluru

9:07 PM, Wednesday, August 1st, 2018
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Yamuna BuildingMangaluru : The Dakshina Kannada, Deputy Commissioner, as head of the DK wakq property task force, had directed the Assistant Commissioner, Mangaluru to initiate action on illegal construction of a six floors building, by a group of persons, on a land belonging to Dakshina kannada Wakf Board. It is said unauthorized permission to construct the building was given by Muttavalli of the Kutchi Memon Masjid. Human rights, activitsts, Haneef Saheb Pajapalla, had made complaint to Dakshina Kannada Wakq board and State Wakf Board proceedings it is said are going on. Haneef Saheb Pajapalla had held a press meet in June second week in this regard. While so, Assistant Commissioner, Mangaluru has issued notice on 24.7.2018 to Smt. Vinita Aravindaksha, Jagdish Mijar, Kripalini Ullala, Ravi Shanker Mijar, Puruthosama Shetty, to remove the building within seven days from the date of notice. Failing to do so, action will be taken as per law.

According to the Assistant Commissioner’s notice the land belonging to Kutchi Memon Masjid, Golikatta Bazaar, Mangaluru is a property of Wakq board, Karnataka state, as per land records MWB 20 (2) 1966 dated 08.08.1966 Sl no.74 Page no.750 dated 4.4.1968 on survey no. 670/1 measuring 63 cent. Since complaints of encroachment of the said land were received, the notice has been ordered.

It is said that notice was issued to Nayeem Patel, the present Muthavalli of Kutchi Memon Masjid belongs to Wakf Board. Notice stated, that instead of discharging duties as per the provision of the Wakf Act and protect the Wakf properties that Muthuwalli had given a “No Objection Certificate” for construction of a building in 63 cents land on survey number 670/1 of the property which belongs to Wakf Board.

Mutavalli, Nayeem Patel, had claimed that this was his ancestral property, and had given a “No objection certificate” with an intention to play fraud, and make quick money.

Haneef Saheb Pajapalla pointed out that many other lands in Dakshina Kannada also belongs to Wakq board and no steps have been taken to maintain a proper record of them by the officials in the board. Haneef said “that steps have not even been taken to identify the lands, that belong to the board, and display a caution board to prevent such encroachment. Kanachur Monu, who was elected Zilla Prsident of the Board, when contacted had said eight months back, he has already directed, Aboobacker, Secretary/Administrator of DK Wakf board, to keep details of lands owned by board, Zonal wise and make arrangement for physical inspection of all the lands. Aboobacker, when contacted by this reporter, has said, that list of lands owned by Wakf board in DK is yet to be prepared and no efforts have been made to display Board of Caution, not to encroachment.

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