Contract renewed, toll collection begins

4:08 PM, Thursday, November 22nd, 2018
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tollgateSurathkal: The central government has renewed the contract of Surathkal toll gate and the new contractor M/S Keshav and Co have begun collecting the toll. The district administration and NHAI officials will be inspecting the price rise, exemption for locals and other issues.

The previous contract expired on Nov 16th. The locals had opposed the toll centre and has done a strong protest against it contract renewal. The protest, siege and other opposition were conducted and lasted for 12 days. The minister and MP had written a letter to the centre requesting the closure of the toll gate.

But the NHAI has remain indifferent and renewed the contract. Now there is a possibility of a new fee to be implemented. The 2018-19 price rate is applicable to the contractors and is being inspected by NHAI.

According to the new list, light vehicles will get monthly passes at Rs 1,670 for 50 trips, medium vehicles will get the same at Rs 2,695, while trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles will have to pay Rs 5,650. For 3 axle vehicles, the rate has been fixed at Rs 8,860.

For cars the toll charges are Rs 75 for two-way plying, Rs 120 for medium vehicles, Rs 255 for trucks and buses, and Rs 400 for heavy vehicles. The new contractors propose to extend 50 percent concession to local vehicles on hire, but the owners and drivers of local vehicles are resisting this proposal.

Brahmarakootlu toll plaza charges has been fixed for cars at Rs 800 per month for 50 trips, Rs 1,295 for medium vehicles, Rs 2,710 for buses, trucks and heavy vehicles, Rs 6,165 for 3 axle vehicles, Rs 2,960 for vehicles carrying heavy machinery, Rs 35 for two-way trip in respect of cars, Rs 60 for medium vehicles, Rs 120 for trucks, buses etc and Rs 190 for other heavy vehicles.


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