No trace of missing fishing boat with 8 fishermen on board

2:59 PM, Thursday, December 27th, 2018
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boatMangaluru: A deep sea fishing boat with eight fishermen on board has been missing since it ventured into fishing expedition 12 days ago causing panic among the families of the fishermen.

Several fishing boats from Malpe have resorted to a frantic search for the missing boat named `Suvarna Tribhuja’ but of no avail.

Coast Guard has also launched a search operation in Mangaluru, Goa and Maharashtra informed Fisheries Deputy Director Parshwanath.

Meanwhile, Udupi Deputy Commissioner Priyanka Mary Francis said that the fishermen have expressed suspicion that the boat might have been abducted by pirates.

As many as six deep sea fishing boats had ventured into fishing from Malpe on December 13. However, one of them lost contact on the night of December 15. The other fishermen had launched a search for several days and finally complained on December 22.

As the missing boat has not yet been traced, fishermen are a worried lot and have stopped venturing into fishing off Malpe coast. Presently as many as 350 boats are seen anchored at the port.


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