8 college students arrested for selling ganja

1:06 PM, Monday, January 14th, 2019
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GanjaMangaluru: The CCB and officials of the Economic Offence and Narcotic Drugs branch, in a joint operation on Sunday, arrested eight college students from Kerala red-handed while selling ganja to students and the public in Mangaluru.

Police have identified the accused as Akshay K Prasad, 22, Jaffer, 22, Nimil, 21, Amit Srivatsan, 21, Ashwin, 21, Mohammed Ameer, 22, Akash S Nair, 22 and Akshay, 22.

Police said of these seven were engineering students and one was a student of physiotherapy. All of them originally hail from Kerala and were staying in Mangaluru for education.

Based on information from credible sources that the accused were selling and consuming ganja at a ground near Morgans Gate here, the police cracked the whip on them.

According to the police, the accused used to purchase ganja from Kerala and sell it in Mangaluru.

Ganga weighing 500gm worth Rs 12,000, eight mobile phones and two two-wheelers have been seized from them.


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