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Shree Vishvesha Theertha Swamiji will mediate once again!!

seerMangaluru: Sri Vishveshathirtha of Pejawar Adhokshaja Math will mediate yet again at Subrahmanya to resolve an treaty between the management of Kukke Sri Subrahmanya Temple and Subrahmanya Math.

The senior seer, famed for his social convictions and stand on issues, will hold this meeting on Friday, noted state president of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, M B Puranik, here on Wednesday.

The seer of Pejawar math has taken the initiative to resolve the impasse that is affecting the image of Sri Kshetra Subrahmanya – temple and math— included, Puranik told reporters.

‘Similarly, the seer wants to end this impase too’ Puranik said. Incidentally, the temple management and the math have been at loggerheads over conducting the popular ritual of Sarpa Samskara and Ashlesha Bali, which draws devotees by the dozens to this place dedicated to the serpent lord. While the temple committee objects to priests at the math performing the rituals on its premises, and also accuses them of charging more than the rates prescribed at the temple, the temple management denies it.

The math has also taken umbrage to boards put up in the temple asking devotees to perform the two much sought after sevas in the temple and not elsewhere. The alleged assault of Kumar Banninthaya, a priest at the math, at the office of the executive officer of the temple in June, further took this impasse to a flashpoint. Regretting this, Sharan Kumar, district VHP secretary, urged the DC to probe the incident and initiate disciplinary action.