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‘Govt should take over Samputa Narasimha Swamy Temple’ – Mahesh Kumar K S

Mahesh Kumar K SMangaluru : “The ‘Sarpa Samskara’ and ‘Ashlesha Bali’ rituals performed at the Mutt do not appease to the deities. The rituals related to Lord Subrahmanya should be performed at the Temple. Devotees take vows to offer these rituals to Lord Subramanya and not Samputa Sri Narasimha. But, the Mutt staff are convincing devotees to perform the rituals at the Mutt at high cost.” said, Mahesh Kumar K S, forum state president and temple managing committee member, at Patrika Bhavan on Monday.

He said that the state government’s Dharmika Parishat and Religious Endowment Department should ensure that the rituals related to Lord Subrahmanya are performed only at the Temple and not at the Mutt. “The idol of Lord Vinayaka that is now in the sanctum sanctorum of the Temple should be consecrated in its original place at the Gudi. The idol was shifted between 1845 and 1899, when the Temple was administered by the Mutt,” he added.

“The Mutt should use its own name on letterheads and correspondences, instead of using nomenclatures like ‘Kukke Subrahmanya Mutt’ and ‘Subrahmanya Mutt’,” he said.

On Udupi Pejawar Mutt pontiff Vishwesha Theertha offering to mediate, Mahesh said the committee respects the initiative. “We are ready for talks that should be held in Subrahmanya in the presence of the media, Mutt administration and temple management,” he stressed.