Live in harmony through love and mutual respect : Panditaradhya Shivacharya

1:45 PM, Sunday, August 4th, 2019
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Matte-Kalyana Mangalore : There should not be any reservation in promotion, said Panditaradhya Shivacharya, pontiff of the Sanehalli Mutt.

He was speaking during an interaction with students at the’ Matte Kalyana’ programme, which was organised by the Sahamata Vedike at the Town Hall in Mangaluru on Saturday.

Matte-Kalyana “Reservation should be provided for education to those who are oppressed for centuries. There should also be a limit for reservation. Children of those who have come up in life availing of reservation should not be given the facility. There is not need for reservation in promotion,” said the pontiff.

“It is not possible to eradicate the system of caste and religion, however, one can live in harmony through love and mutual respect. One can also thereby help the development of the society,” he reminded.

Speaking to reporters later, he replied to a query, “All those who follow the preachings of Basava are Lingayats. It is not a caste, but a principle and theory. How is it possible to call Yediyurappa alone a Lingayat?”

‘Matte Kalyana’ will be organised in different districts. A state-level 20-day workshop on personality development of the children will be organised at Sanehalli.

The pontiff said that the society and an individual will be ruined if there is no moral base for his growth. Morality in school education is the need of the hour. Problems arise when there is no morality in education.

“Youth should be guided in proper direction, to ensure that they do not follow the wrong path. Basavanna had worked on providing moral strength to an individual and society in the 12th century,” said the seer.

Film director Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar said that there is a lack of trust in society. “The focus is on money power and glory instead, in society. To clean such an attitude, ‘Matte Kalyana’ is essential. A society can progress only by understanding other religions, caste and by living in mutual understanding and trust,” he added.

Further, the director said, “Religion should be restricted to households. Democracy is the dharma for society and the Constitution is the epic.”

Shiva Sanchara team enthralled the gathering by singing Vachanas.


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