Pacchanady garbage and weste ; locals still suffer

5:38 PM, Wednesday, August 14th, 2019
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pacchanaadiMangaluru : 10 acres of area consisting of houses, areca nut trees and coconut trees still lie completely submerged under heaps of garbage which collapsed last week due to heavy rainfall, garbage at the dumping yard at Pacchanady. Mandara area of Pacchanady in the city, which was once covered with lush green plants has become a cesspool of stench.

Apparently, the garbage is nearly 20 years old and the residents in the nearby areas are living in a overbearing stench of the garbage. With more rain expected in the coming days, the garbage which has flowed down covering a distance of up to 2 km will continue its havoc here.

The affected area has been visited by DC Sasikant Senthil, MLAs Bharath Y Shetty and Umanath Kotian and MP Nalin Kumar and were shocked to see the ectent of the the damage here. Around 5,000 areca trees, 1,000 coconut trees have been submerged under the garbage and is expected to annex even more farm land.

The garbage has contaminated even drains and well in the nearby area with sewage water flowing unabated. Temporary arrangements have been made by the district administration for the residents of Mandara area at Baithurli. While the residents are shedding tears of pain of losing their houses and land and having to shift to other places forsaking their own houses, the entire Mandara area is full with stink.

Speaking of the situation MP Nalin said, “Since last week, we have witnessed the Pacchanady garbage land slide. Due to unscientific garbage disposal, the then government has not taken proper measures. The district in-charge minister failed to notice the problem and the then mayors also have not maintained it properly nor found solution to avoid such ‘man made’ calamity.

“The deputy commissioner will send a team to analyse the situation and find a permanent solution which can be more effective. Compensation should be given immediately. Based upon the detailed report given by the team, we will see how we can bring the situation to normalcy and avoid such calamities in future days,” said the MP.



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