Centre not focusing on pressing issues facing the country : Muneer Katipalla

9:40 AM, Monday, September 23rd, 2019
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katipallaMangaluru : The ruling party at the Centre is distracting the youth of the country with religious issues so that they do not focus on pressing issues like unemployment and poor payment of wages, said Democratic Youth Federation of India State president Muneer Katipalla here on Sunday.

Speaking at the 12th Mangaluru City conference of DYFI, Mr. Katipalla said the youth of Dakshina Kannada are not finding jobs in Mumbai and Bengaluru. Jobs are not available for locals at firms in the district. These are being taken away by youth from other parts of India. Youth from the district are not getting jobs in Arabian countries and many of them formerly employed in these countries are returning.

In order to distract the youth from the issue of unemployment, the NDA government at the Centre was highlighting nationalism and caste issues that are driving youth from poor families to prison. Unemployment, he said, was forcing youth in the district towards sale and consumption of narcotic drugs.

While stating the party’s commitment to fight for employment rights and the betterment of youth, Mr. Katipalla said the DYFI would continue to strongly oppose actions of communal forces.

Activist and former State head of Bajrang Dal Mahendra Kumar said the Congress has failed to effectively combat the BJP government’s alleged undemocratic and unconstitutional actions. The Congress is silent over the acts of the ruling government in dividing society on communal lines.

He said that people like him, who are questioning such actions, were being targeted and also trolled on social media. “I am taking on this criticism in order to caution people of the impending autocratic rule in the country,” he said and added he would fight to bring all communities together.

DYFI District President B.K. Imtiyaz also spoke.



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