Locals opposed Ullal Dargah administrator appointment

5:13 PM, Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019
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Ullal : Localities gathered in front of Ullala Sayed Madani Dargah on Tuesday, December 3 and protested against the Government’s move to appoint a new administrator to the Dargah.

The State Government has appointed retired officer Ibrahim Koonadka as the administrator and when he arrived at Dargah, the localities have sent had sent him back on November 20.

The president of Dargah has taken legal assistance in this regard and informed to transfer the administration to the new officer after discussing with Dargah committee officers.

Once the devotees of the Ullal Dargah got to know about this, they have closed all the gates of Dargah to stop the new administrator.

Speaking with this regard the Dargah management committee president Abdul Rashid said, “Even though we have elected representatives, we are following the order of Government to transfer the administration to Walf committee administrator. Legal assistance is also sought in this regard. After knowing the information about the appointment of a new administrator many devotees are protesting about this in front of Dargah.”

“Believing that Sayyad Madini himself will protect the dargah, we have opened the gate of the Dargah and sent the devotees back. However, the administrator has not arrived yet,” he added.



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