Mangaluru : Man arrested for trying to smuggle gold hiding it under wig

11:55 AM, Thursday, December 19th, 2019
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Mangaluru : Customs officials at Mangaluru International Airport arrested an air passenger attempting to smuggling gold hidden under his wig.

The man who had arrived from Dubai via Air India flight SG60 on December 17 was found in possession of 24-karat gold bars, weighing 247.70 grams, valued at Rs. 9.57 lakhs. The gold bars were pasted on his head and it was concealed with a wig.

In a separate incident, an air passenger who arrived at Mangaluru airport from Abudhabi by Air India flight IX816 was held after he was found in possession of 24-karat gold, weighing 307.20 grams, valued at Rs. 11.76 lakhs. The gold strip was concealed inside the metallic carpenter’s measuring tape.



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