Protesters should know what is the Citizenship Amendment Act : Ram Madhav

12:29 PM, Monday, December 30th, 2019
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Ram-madavMangaluru: Ram Madhav, the National General Secretary of the BJP said that protesters are being used by political parties in their political game and one should refrain from such protests if they do not know what the Citizenship Amendment Act is about.

The event was organised by Citizens Council’s Mangaluru chapter in the Canara High School at Urwa.

He said that protesters with half-knowledge about the Act should not protest and put themselves in harm’s way. The ongoing violent protests are a deliberate ploy by those who want to gain political brownie points and people should not fall prey to them.

The Act doesn’t take away citizenship from anyone who is born in India. It allows citizenship to persecuted minority religious groups from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. There are more than 70 muslim sects in India who enjoy privileges that they wouldn’t have in any other country. At the time of Independence, Pakistan had almost 400 temples but now there are hardly 20 hence we must give shelter to Hindus from there. Muslims born in India need not worry about the Act or the National Register of Citizens (NRC), he further stated in his speech.


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