Mysterious death of Rohit Raj owner of cable TV channel : Role of lady accomplice suspected

9:54 AM, Friday, January 3rd, 2020
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Udupi : Police are investigating the death of Rohit Raj Suvarna, owner of cable TV channel, who died under mysterious circumstances on New Year’s Eve and later found dead in an apartment in Manipal.

Rohit Raj Suvarna, who died under mysterious circumstances, was renowned for being the first entrepreneur to start the cable television business 25 years ago. In addition, he was involved in many other businesses also. He had partied and welcomed the New Year at the Ocean Pearl of the city along with a woman.

In the party, Rohit as well as the woman, who was accompanying him consumed excessive amount of alcoholic drinks. After the party, both of them went Royal Embassy Apartments in Manipal. A fight has ensued between the two in the apartment over some issue. Both of them even fought with one another and Rohit was found dead in the morning in the same apartment.

The Manipal police, who received information on the early morning of January 1, arrived on the spot and did the spot inspection. Police saw a cloth that was hung from a fan in the room of the apartment where Rohit’s body was found. But the body was lying on the floor. Later Rohit’s body was shifted to KMC mortuary for post mortem.

The lady of West Bengal origin, who accompanied the deceased Rohit, is taken into police custody and is taken to the police station. Forensic experts have noticed wounds on head and chest of Rohit. They have collected samples of the spot. A case of unnatural death is registered by the police and the family members of the deceased have suspected the role of the woman who accompanied Rohit.

Speaking on the subject, Rahim Ucchil, a friend of deceased Rohit said, “Rohit is my friend since a long time. He started cable television business 25 years ago. He is not a person who will commit suicide. I do not know why this has happened. Manipal police have to conduct comprehensive inquiry into the incident.”

Deceased Rohit’s sister Sujatha also spoke and said that Rohit has not killed himself. “If the lady who was with Rohit is inquired truth will come out,” she said.



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