AAP launches campaign in Pune on ‘Kejriwal model of development’

4:06 PM, Tuesday, February 25th, 2020
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Pune : The Aam Aadmi Party has launched a campaign in Pune to bring the “Kejriwal model of development” to every household in Maharashtra. The campaign was launched on Sunday in Pune and will continue till March 23.

“This will ensure that like in Delhi, the politics and governance in the entire nation can revolve around real issues concerning the people. Under this campaign, comparisons will be drawn between the Kejriwal model of development in Delhi and the Maharashtra model, so that people can better understand the change and transformation that has been brought in the lives of the people of Delhi through ‘politics of work’,” said AAP leader Mukund Kirdat

The AAP launched its nation-building campaign across the country on February 11 after the Arvind Kejriwal government made a massive comeback in Delhi. The party issued a missed call number 9871010101 at the launch of the campaign. “The politics of work propagated by AAP in Delhi was highly appreciated by people across the country. Within a few days, 16 lakh people joined the nation-building campaign by giving a missed call. The reason for this enormous support was the transformative development made in all sectors by the Kejriwal government in Delhi, including schools, hospitals, water, electricity and women’s safety,” Kirdat said in a press release.
Kirdat said on Monday that the “Kejriwal model of development in Delhi” is being adopted in many states. “In many states, Delhi’s education model and mohalla clinics are being adopted. Some states have started providing free electricity like Delhi. The work done in Delhi also awakened people across the nation who have been disgusted by the traditional politics of caste and religion,” he said.

Kirdat said AAP’s Maharashtra unit will take the message of this campaign to every household through the campaign. “People will be informed about Kejriwal’s model of development and will be motivated to give a missed call on the issued number to join AAP in the nation building campaign,” he said.

In Pune, a volunteer registration drive has started across the city.



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