No water rationing required this year : Mayor Divakar Pandeshwar

8:24 PM, Thursday, April 16th, 2020
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diwakar pandeshwara Mangaluru: The Mangaluru city coporation mayor Divakar Pandeshwar along with senior officials of the municipal corporation on Thursday, April 16, visited the Tumbe dam and inspected the water reserves.

Mayor Divakar Pandeshwar expressed the water rationing similar to last year will not be required this year.

Municipal Commissioner Shanadi Ajit Kumar Hegde said that, the water from the AMR dam was pumped into the Tumbe dam raising the water stored in it to 6 meters which can be supplied to the city for the next 50 days, and hence, no water rationing is required at present.

He added that last year before April 13 water from AMR dam was pumped twice to Tumbe dam, however this year it was done for the first time on April 15, a further sign that rationing will not be required this year.

Along with Mayor Diwakar Pandeshwar and Commissioner Shanadi Ajit Kumar Hegde, Deputy Commissioner Dr Santosh Kumar and Chief Engineer Naresh Shenoy were also part of the visit.


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