Dead body of corona virus infected burnt at Bolooru electric crematorium

11:04 PM, Sunday, April 19th, 2020
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boloor-cremetoriumMangalore: The dead body of Bantwal resident who died of corona virus infection was burnt at Bolooru electric crematorium.

Residents of Boloor opposed the decision of the district administration, fearing that they would be hurt by the burning of the dead body at the cemetery.

The woman’s body was burned with electric lich-house at Bolooru, locals have expressed outrage over the district administration decision to burn the dead body because fo deadly corona virus, no have medicince if local residents infected.

In Mangalore, there is no electric barrier other than Boloor. It is for this reason that the funeral was performed. As in the other case, the dead body should not handed over to the household, thus it is was burned in electric grave.


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