Webinar on “Job opportunities in Agriculture and Fisheries Sector”

7:14 PM, Sunday, April 26th, 2020
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WebinarMangaluru :  The Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) at Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management, Mangaluru organized a Webinar on “Job opportunities in Agriculture and Fisheries sector” facilitated by Dr.ShivakumarMagada, Professor of Aquatic Biology and Associate Director of Extension, College of FisheriesMangaluru. Dr.Magada addressed the need for collaborative initiatives that could use engineering skills to enhance the impact in the Fisheries and Agricultural sectors. Educating the students on the incredible opportunities that this country has to offer given its dynamic economy and a variety of blooming sectors, Dr.Magada approached these issues with high spirit, asking more graduates to look forward to empowering these sectors with technological interventions that are cost-effective and scalable. Ideas are plenty, given the incredible problems associated with this diverse nation creating opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to venture into these untapped markets.

He discussed the need to produce more yield given the circumstances after this pandemic, with mentions of Poly houses, Aquaponics, Precision Agriculture, Seed counting devices, Food processing units, Mechanising weed harvesting, BioFloc tanks, Integrated farming and many more, bringing to light the increasing demands for the same in the upcoming years. Automating these processes with a collaborative workforce and like-mindedness to see the potential in these sectors is of utmost importance. He urged students to see value in the Agricultural and Fisheries sector contributing largely to India’s GDP, by innovating and building solutions.

Sahyadri conducts Engineering & MBA e-Classes on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) mode using various online platforms like Zoom, Google Classrooms and so on. The Sahyadri never stops teaching. Every Day Student are staying at home and Learning.

Find the link to the Webinar on the Youtube Channel of Centre for Social Innovation: https://youtu.be/QbFVK64CMtQ


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