Follow this simple technique to go right your Marital life

7:00 AM, Wednesday, August 12th, 2020
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Conflicting situations are inevitable for couples, but it can also lead to a disaster and make life difficult for the couple.


A wife and a husband should not listen to each other. Listening to someone else’s statement, happily accusing one another. The two of them are voicing the idea of settling far away. All of these things are likely to result from some mysterious or initial karma errors in our lives. Take action in this regard to solve this.

If the husband or wife is away from you, follow this simple strategy to come back.

Worship the Goddess Durga on the nine Tuesdays and make a special offering on Tuesdays, in the form of prasadam. This will solve your marital problem.

Article: Astrologer Tantric Giridhara Bhat
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