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If stumble in love or marriage, here is the simplest solution

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Love comes to your mind and it grows in you as you grow into a loving, that you bring to life arises in you. Will everything be as expected?

Sometimes the events in life teach a great lesson, or are let down. But why struggle in life as everything seems to be?

A loved one’s mind may be distracted, your love may lose interest in you over time, they may fall apart in marriage, or family elders may not approve of your love. This simple remedy can be used to get a loved one into your life.

Put one of your spouse’s objects in a small pouch and write your and your spouse’s name on the parchment, completely covered with yellow flowers, then wrap it in white. Put this object near the neem tree where there is no one. ofcourse, your wish is fulfilled.

Article: Astrologer Giridhara Bhat
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