Do this to create intimacy, attraction, and love between the couple

7:00 AM, Monday, September 14th, 2020
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If the husband and wife are in communion, the house will be a beautiful garden. But the dispute between the two is to bring about a difficult situation.

Life becomes difficult because of the strife of marriage. A situation may arise where a wife can move from one place to another. This can cause family, economic, and social life to fluctuate.

Your spouse lives by you, which may be due to hearing the utterances of some people, evil spirits, sorcery, arrogance, malice and so on.

It is best to do this simple technique to get out of it and build your life together.

“Om Kam Malini Ta: Ta: swaha” This mantra is to chant of the new moon or the full moon 108 times and take the pure soil of the pond and apply it to your forehead which helps to create mutual attraction and love among the couples.

Article: Astrologer Giridhara Bhat
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