Girl writes 45 words in one minute using both hands

12:10 PM, Tuesday, September 15th, 2020
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AdhiMangaluru : A multi-talented girl who has the ability to write English words using both her hands won Lata Foundation’s Exclusive World Record (EWR).

Aadi Swaroopa can write 45 words in one minute using both the left and right hands.

Aadi, daughter of Gopadkar and Sumadkar of Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra in Mangaluru, begun writing using both her hands two and a half years ago. She can write in 10 different styles using her both hands.

Gopadkar, highlighting her achievements, said she can write unidirectional, opposite direction, right-hand speed, left-hand speed, reverse running, mirror image, dancing and blindfolded, hetero-topic and others.

Aadi, who is into informal schooling, said she had achieved more than what students achieved with help of formal education.

Besides being ambidextrous, Aadi also pursues literary activities, music, Yakshagana, drawing, mimicry, beatboxing, memory exhibition, among others.

She is also learning guitar and keyboard. She is now writing a fantasy novel in English.

Aadi will celebrate her 16th birthday on September 15 and the record is a gift for her birthday, said Gopadkar.

“Writing in both hands will help in activating both the sides of the brain scientifically,” he said.

A multi-talented Adi Swaroopa has been engaged in self-learning at Swaroopa Shikshana Adhyayana Kendra.

She had learnt to read when she was one and a half years old and could write at least 30 pages when she was two and a half years old.

She is learning Hindustani music under Pandit Ravikiran. She has presented more than 50 Yakshagana shows. She also has a collection of stories and held a solo painting exhibition in Mangaluru recently.

Now, she is getting ready to create a record of memorising over 1,000 items in four to five seconds.



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