Keep your money in the southwest corner, and see how good luck comes

7:00 AM, Thursday, September 24th, 2020
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Mature thinking, systematic investing, patience and hard work are required to succeed in the business. Sometimes calculations can be made wrong by us, or we can go in the wrong direction, and this can lead to a loss of capital.

You may need some help at this time but may not find it in time but astrology suggests an exact solution. If financial distress or stress afflicts you most, you have tough words from people and your mood is worsened, it is best to contact an astrologer with their horoscopes or questions.

Here I have come up with some simple solution guide to make the best results possible.

The best place to put your money is in the south-southwest corner.

The peace or worship of Saturn is very important for the financial condition.

Putting a mirror in the place where the money is placed will save people’s eyes.

The best part is to test the compatibility of the two in a joint partnership.

Place a picture of Mahalakshmi in the place of worship and pray twice daily.

This small solution brings a significant change. Good luck

Article: Astrologer Giridhara Bhat
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