Find out what marriage is going on with such a person according to your birthmark

12:02 PM, Friday, September 25th, 2020
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According to astrology or your birthdate, marriage with a person of great stature is the answer to the question of what to do in order to come together.

Marriage is the law of the creation of Brahman because after marriage some people gain life, happiness and wealth. Some are waiting for a wedding.

The 7th place of birth Kundali is considered as the place of marriage.

The second home will be the family seat.

The fourth place is a happy place.

Navamma is considered a lucky place.

Eleventh will be the profit position.

Saptama (the seventh) is to look at the planet in all these houses, its lords to check the vision of the other planets above them, their relationship, the yogas that arise.

In the birthplace of Kundali, there is a cloak of sophistication, and if Ravi is a strong government employee, he gains a high position in the political arena. Getting married in a relationship. There are many fears of marriage.

Chandra: Being strong is good minded and beautiful. From the wife comes a great pleasure, wealth. The young woman’s husband is tender. Widow if there is a weak moon. Getting Married in a Mother Relationship

Kuja: If Kuja’s error is strong, the wife is a troubled, courageous wife. More than one wedding yoga. Rejection by the female. The marriage has many vignettes. Problems with offspring. If the wife has a similar error, there is no error.

Mercury: Good mastery. She loves her husband very much. Costume jewelry lovers. Journalism, working in court. Could be a preacher and a doctor. Woe to the wife, bad thoughts to the wife if there is sin
She does

Guru: Wife will be Piety, Can benefit from wife. The wife works in an educational institution, or as a mentor to others. Devout wife of god-guru-elders. Good offspring, generous.

Venus: If Mr. Venus is a very wealthy, Venus is strong, then a wife is a high rank in the financial field, a huge sum of money through a wife. She is an artist, literary and music loving wife.

Saturn: Aging, thin, dark, rejection, female relationship. Delay in marriage.

Rahu: Widow, dear, unhappy wife, very educated. Lucky to have an alien caste wife.

9) Ketu: A Caste Marriage. Tragedy in marriage .Most of the infatuation. The wedding will be delayed. Human damage. Feeling offended with a spouse.

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