Are bad thoughts coming in god worship? The meaning of some emotions is as follows

7:00 AM, Wednesday, September 30th, 2020
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You can sometimes see change during worship. In some people, such feelings of yawning, tears, divine welfare, or idolatry are present in our minds, and our minds are filled with bad thoughts.

These are the negative and positive waves that are present in the space. When there are positive waves, your mind will be full of results and omens that are good for you and your demands, but negative thoughts can also cause bad thoughts.

Sometimes you have a lack of concentration and careless nature of devotional feelings.

Devotion revolves around power, which is very important when worshiping the Divine. Worship the mantra as clearly as possible. Spells have their own power and spiritual ground. These will help you concentrate your mind and keep your demands in check. It also removes unwanted mental disturbances in you. The act of chanting worship is very important for your concentration so our elders have passed it on to us.

Tears come before God. As your worst defects go away, you need to know that if you have idleness, you have to show your pride, that there is an attractive weed, that God is indulging in evil, and that evil thoughts are troubling you in the presence of God.

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