Kerala state imposed section 144 in the state till October 31, in Kasaragod one week

4:24 PM, Saturday, October 3rd, 2020
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Sujith BabuKasargod : In the wake of the increasing cases of coronavirus Dr D Sajith Babu DC of Kasaragod  district has ordered to impose section 144 in the district from October 3 to October 9.

The state government had imposed section 144 in the state till October 31. However, DC of Kasargod has restricted the same to just one week from midnight of October 2 to midnight of October 9.

The DC also clarified that the same may be extended if the coronavirus infection does not come under control.

Grouping of five or more people is prohibited in market areas. Social distance needs to be maintained. Only 50 people are allowed to participate in marriage functions, while only 20 people allowed in any funeral related programmes.

The religious functions, political meetings, social, cultural, and public programmes only 20 people are permitted to attend.  Covid rules need to be followed in public places, bus stands, public transport, offices, malls, health clubs, sports training and examination centers.

The DC has requested people to follow Covid rules strictly. Police will keep a watch in implementing the same.


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