Is the wedding too late? Do this for a quick wedding

7:00 AM, Friday, October 23rd, 2020
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Marriage is an important turning point in life and a significant event. Marriage is the foundation for a life where knowledge, body, and mind are united. Marriage is the way forward for the next stage of life to be fully compatible with their will and heart.

People of different kinds, variety, culture, tradition, rituals intertwine life. From her twenties into her thirties, a quick wedding. And then a marriage in the thirties is considered a delay.

There are some planetary errors and personal reasons in the horoscope for a late marriage. The reasons for the delay in marriage can be found through emotions and planets such as Saptaprava, Asthma Bhava, Lord of the Marriage, Kshatriya, Enemy, Kuja, Saturn, Venus, Rahu. Apart from this, the trial of evil people, defect in vision, karma defect also causes delay in marriage. If they are having a lot of delays in their marriage due to these problems, some solutions have been suggested.

Pray to Venus on Friday and donate white clothes.
Radha Krishna and Shiva-Parvati organize weddings at such temples.
Mangalya can be donated to newly married people.
Aditya reading the hymnal daily.
Wearing red coral if there is a bug.
If the marriage is delayed for women the chanting of the Katyayini Devi Mantra.
Offering water to the Shiva temple till sixteen Mondays.
Problems can be solved by such rules.
If you have done so many remedies and are failing at the wedding, send your horoscope or date of birth, date and place to get a full analysis of it.

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