Kaup civic workers return gold bracelet found in trash

6:58 PM, Friday, October 30th, 2020
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civic workers Kaup : The civic workers of Kaup TMC who returned a gold bracelet they found in the trash collected from an apartment, to its rightful owner, have won praise for their honesty.

A gold bracelet weighing 16 grams belonging to Mohammad Safwan, a resident of Anasuya Enclave at Mallar Koppalangady in Kaup, had mistakenly landed in the trash. The workers had even collected the wastes from the house.

But before the gold bracelet in the trash could land in the waste dumping yard, it caught the eyes of the municipal workers and they duly returned it to its rightful owner.

The honesty of municipal workers Sudhir Suvarna, Vijay and Sunil has won praise from the public. Even the family which was happy to get the bracelet back ha thanked the municipal workers by providing them a cash reward.


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