Youth commits suicide at his resident in city

10:00 PM, Monday, November 23rd, 2020
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Vignesh NayakMangaluru : A youth commited suicide by hanging him self at his resident VT Road in the city on Sunday late night.

The deceased identified as Vignesh Nayak (29), and he was reportedly one of the accused in Vinayaka Baliga Murder case.

It is said, He is suspected to have hanged himself at his residence in Dhanvantari Nagar locality late last night.He was engaged to be married and the wedding was fixed for next month. He is said to have last spoken to his fiancée at 11:30 p.m. and was subsequently not responding to calls. The tragedy was discovered some time later.

The reason for him to take the extreme step is not known. Autopsy was performed this morning and the funeral took place at about 3.00 p.m today. It is said that Vignesh Nayak was the only son of a widow. His father had died when he was just a one year old. The family was not well to do and he was the only source of support for his mother.

The alleged suicide has sent shock waves in the locality and raised many eyebrows. He is said to have been one of the persons wanted for questioning by the police during the investigation into the sensational Vinayak Baliga Murder Case in 2016. He was said to have been employed in the firm of the prime accused in the case and it was alleged that he had been missing during the three month period when the prime accused was absconding.

Court documents show that he was one the respondents in a separate case file by the deceased Vinayak Baliga pertaining to Car Street Sri Venkatramana Temple. Interestingly, the website of the District Court reveals that the judgment and final order in this case is listed to be delivered by the Principal District Sessions Judge today (23 November 2020).

Meanwhile Prof. Narendra Nayak who has been carrying out a campaign ‘Justice for Vinayak Baliga’ under the banner of ‘Desha Premi Sanghatanegala Okkuta’ has termed the alleged suicide of Vignesh Nayak as ‘suspicious’. In a media release issued by him today he has demanded a thorough police probe into the unnatural death of the youth.

In the media release, Prof Nayak said that the Qualis car which was used in the murder to ferry the killers was registered in the name of the deceased Vignesh Nayak. “It is clear that he knew more about this case but he was not questioned by the police. Now, it is too late. He is beyond questioning now. Is this the handiwork of those who wanted to silence him?” he has stated in the press release.

Anuradha Baliga, sister of victim Vinayak Baliga, has been running from pillar to post to seek justice for her murdered brother. Fearing an investigation would reveal the whole plot behind his murder, was Vignesh Nayak silenced? The family of Vinayak Baliga and we who are seeking justice for him demand an answer from the police, we demand an investigation into the circumstances behind his alleged suicide, the media release further stated.

Quoting court records Prof. Nayak stated that, while seeking custody of the prime accused in the Vinayak Baliga Muder Case in July, 2016, the Investigating Officer had informed the court that they “needed to question the accused regarding the whereabouts of Vignesh Nayak, owner of a multi-utility vehicle used in committing the murder”.


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