Kadandale tragedy – Another two bodies traced

6:19 PM, Wednesday, November 25th, 2020
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KadandaleMangaluru : The bodies of two persons who drowned in the Shambhavi river at Thulemuger near Kadandale on Tuesday evening, have been traced on Wednesday morning.

If the bodies of Harshitha (20) of Moodushedde and her brother Nikhil (18) were found on Tuesday evening itself hours after the tragedy, the bodies of Raviraj (29) of Bajpe Kolambe Hogepadavu and Subhash (19) of Venoor were traced today.

All the four were among the many relatives who had arrived for the wedding of the son of Sridhar Acharya of Kadandale Bariyadka. Many of them had been to the Shambhavi river bank on Tuesday evening to wash clothes. Some of them had stepped into the water at Thulemuger unaware of the depth of the river at that place.

Raviraj who noticed the youth drowning had rescued almost everyone except the above three. Though he had again plunged into the water to save them, he was completely exhausted by then and eventually drowned.

The post-mortem of Harshitha and Subhash has been completed and the bodies have been handed over to their families.


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