Social media blackmail – Cyber crime police arrested two persons from Bengaluru

6:51 PM, Wednesday, November 25th, 2020
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ShakshirajMangaluru : The cyber crime police have arrested two persons from Bengaluru on the charges of demanding money from a person after threatening to post his obscene photos on social media.

The arrested are Pawan L and Gokulraju, both 20 years old.

It has been gathered that the duo who created a fake Facebook account in the name of Sakshiraj then befriended a man named Rajesh of Mangaluru. They then made a woman call Rajesh and sent nude photos to him and in turn demanded his nude photos.

Once the person obliged, they began threatening the complainant after demanding money and even made phone calls claiming themselves to be police officers.

The duo has been produced before the court and are presently in judicial custody.


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