Mangalore University adopts 10 schools for its overall development

12:00 PM, Monday, December 21st, 2020
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government schoolMangaluru : The Mangalore University has adopted 10 government schools — six primary and four high schools — near its campus in Mangalagangotri for facilitating their overall development.

The schools have been adopted as part of the institutional social responsibility of the university. In addition, there is a common instruction by the government to all universities to do their best for the flourishing of government schools by adopting them.

The university had received a letter from the government on December 4, Vice-Chancellor of the university P. Subrahmanya Yadapadithaya told.

The university has adopted a teacher each for each school as the nodal officer to look after the activities under the adoption scheme. The university issued a notification on December 16.

The primary schools adopted are at Konaje Padavu, Kuntalaguli, Harekala, Innoli, Manjanady and Deralakatte.

The high schools are at Konaje Padavu, Harekala, Pavoor and Malar, he said.

Prof. Yadapadithaya said that academically select teachers of the university will teach general knowledge to students in those schools on Saturdays. The university teachers will not teach the government prescribed regular subjects to them as they are being taught to them by their primary school teachers.

He said that the university will take up “eat right food” campaign in those schools by creating awareness on eating healthy food to avoid junk food.

The volunteers of the National Service Scheme (NSS) of the university will do “shramdan” in these schools to keep the premises clean.

The university will arrange for the schools general books to enable students to have access to knowledge other than their regular subjects. They will be taught some basics of yoga to keep the body fit.

The Vice-Chancellor said that with regard to infrastructure development, the nodal officers will get the videography of each school done to assess the facilities required.

Later, the university will hold a meeting with teachers and non-teaching staff to know the requirements of the schools.

Some known donors, including individuals, companies, banks and other institutions, will be invited to the meeting. The infrastructure facilities required will be arranged for through the donors.

The university will also arrange for dust-free chalk pieces for all these schools. The sports material, computers, basic laboratory equipment and the like will be arranged in phases.

“The university will act as a facilitator to arrange for vital, essential and desirable material,” the Vice-Chancellor said and added that the survey of facilities in these schools will begin this month.

A representative of the government will also visit the university and the schools to assess the activities initiated, he said.


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