This remedy strategy is ideal for protecting you from enemies

7:00 AM, Saturday, January 16th, 2021
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AnjaneyaArticle: Astrologer Prime Tantric Sri Giridhara Bhat: Wherever you step, the enemies will rally and defend your ideology and commitment with their own interpretations. They have grown up with vices that can bring shame on your good work.

Enemies may not be somewhere far away, and they may find themselves in a vicious circle around you or at work.

Their work is intended to arouse and disorientate you. Charisma can hurt your personality financially and psychologically.

Remember that your development is the means by which you can close your mouth and prowl over them.

If the dog bows, it is as if the devil is in ruins. Even though you are always well-versed in your work, you can escape this difficulty and protect yourself from your enemies.

Om Anjana nee suno ritshaktaye Nam Om Vayuputreti Kilakaya Namha Sarwa Sidhi Kuru Kuru Swaha :
Write this mantra in brass in brahmimuhurta and put it in a amulet and tie it with saffron thread.

By astrologer Giridhara Bhatt will give Permanent solution to your problems such as education, employment, business, money, debt, health, love affairs, marriage, children, offspring and so on.
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