Karnataka closes 13 Kerala entry points amid rising COVID-19 cases

11:00 PM, Monday, February 22nd, 2021
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keralagateMangaluru : The neighbouring Kerala, authorities in Karnataka have decided to close 13 points of entry located in Wayanad and Kasaragod district. This has come as a jolt for Kerala residents living in these border areas as the open borders provide a huge succour to the people living on either side. They move freely for various needs, especially the farming community who regularly move from Kerala to engage in such activities on the lands they either own or take on lease in Karnataka.

NA Nellikunnu, senior opposition Legislator representing Kasargod Assembly constituency, said this is an unwarranted action by the authorities of Karnataka and is a violation of the unlock guidelines of the Centre. As of date, there are around 58,000 active COVID-19 cases in Kerala.

“We are given to understand that their authorities are now insisting on the RT-PCR test results from all those travelling from Kerala and entering Karnataka. Fail to understand the logic, while people in Kerala strictly follow Covid protocols and wear masks, no such thing is happening in Karnataka and yet they do this unlawful act. We expect immediate intervention of the Kerala government,” said Nellikunnu.

At the entry points to Karnataka in the Wayanad district, people were caught unawares after vehicles were stopped by the Karnataka authorities.

“We have no clue on this sudden decision to close the borders and are insisting on RT-PCR tests. This is going to create untold miseries to all those who used to freely cross the borders for various needs,” said angry Wayanad residents, who were unable to move freely.

Playing down the incident, Surendran said this might be an act done by Karnataka authorities as a measure of caution with COVID-19 cases continuing to rise in Kerala.


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