Mangalore Air customs Officials seized gold worth Rs 24.44 lakh at Mangalore International Airport

4:53 PM, Sunday, April 18th, 2021
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Gold Mangaluru : Officials of Mangalore Air customs seized gold worth Rs 24.44 lakh in the early hours on Sunday at Mangalore International Airport.

According to officials, a surveillance team led by Deputy Commissioner of Customs Dr Kapil Gade have profiled and intercepted a passenger by the name Aboobakar Siddiq Pulikoor Mohammed of Kasargod. The passenger had arrived at the airport in Air India Express flight IX 384 from Dubai. He had tried to smuggle gold by hiding it in his socks.

Further investigation and proceedings in accordance with the law is in progress.

A crucial role of surveillance and interception was carried out by Superintendents Bhomkar, Vikas and Kshiti in the team, officials said.


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