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Karnataka has highest active Covid-19 cases in India, Maharashtra second

corona WarriorsBengaluru : Karnataka has emerged as the state with the maximum number of active cases of Covid-19 in the country, toppling Maharashtra to the second position.

According to the health ministry data, Karnataka has 5,92,202 active cases of Covid-19 as on Thursday, as against Maharashtra which has 5,48,507 cases.

Kerala, with 4,33,143 active cases ranks third across the country, followed by Rajasthan (2,09,110) and Uttar Pradesh (2,06,615).

On Tuesday, Maharashtra had 5,93,150 active cases of the infectious diseases, while Karnataka was second with 5,71,026 active cases.

According to the ministry, the daily new cases have been on a decline in Maharashtra since April 29 when the state had reported 63,652 new cases in a single day.

The plateauing of daily new cases appears to have begun in Karnataka around May 10.

Karnataka continues to have a high test positivity rate of 32.9%, which translates into every third person undergoing a Covid-19 test reporting being infected with the disease.

Goa has the highest test positivity rate at 48.1%, followed by Puducherry (42.5%), West Bengal (34.3%) and Karnataka.