Black money is useless Indian Money

10:45 AM, Friday, April 22nd, 2011
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supreme courtNew Delhi: The Supreme Court has again lashed out at the Congress (UPA) Govt immersed in 2G, CWG, Adarsh Housing, ISRO and other scandals, but this time on the lakh of crores of rupees stashed away by Indian black money dealers in foreign banks from Switzerland to St.Kitts and Bermuda for safe keeping free from Income Tax raids. The SC took the Central Govt, to task for not enquiring into these hoarded and unaccounted deposits of real wealth that do no good to growing nation for its developmental works.
The Supreme Court asked the Central Govt, why it had not taken up the cases other than Hasan Ali Khan who grew fat in racehorses in Pune. The SC turned round question the Govt. of India as to what it was doing all these years to unearth and seize colossal amounts of hidden Indian money kept abroad. Did not other Indians have foreign bank accounts, SC angrily asked the Advocate representing the Govt., which was in power since 2009. The SC held Govt. of India responsible for its lapses.


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