Working Journalists protest against J.Deys murder in Mumbai

5:28 PM, Friday, June 17th, 2011
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 Jyothirmayi DeyMangalore: The killing of a “crime” journalist Jyothirmayi Dey in Maharashtra last week by 4 unknown assailants at point-blank range, elicited cries of condemnation of local working journalists here on Friday and they asked for a CBI probe to detect and arrest the culprits, driven by a mafia.
The enraged journalists submitted a memorandum to ADC Prabhakar Sharma, at the DC office, seeking immediate deterrent action against harming journalists/reporters by murderers.
They wrote to the President of India that Dey’s murder had exposed an attempt to suppress the freedom of print/electronic media by criminal gangs. They said pressmen would not be cowed down. They appealed to the Indian President to ask all CM’s to protect the press people. DK Working Journalists Union Chief PB. Harish Rai and office bearers were present.


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2 Responses to Working Journalists protest against J.Deys murder in Mumbai

  1. babu, Dubai

    killing of journalist Jyothirmayi Dey in Maharashtra sad incident we condem


  2. Sunil Dogra, Delhi

    Vidyant Mishra and his family have murdered lot many people including my Nanaji and has cheated plenty of people. He has charged approximately several lacs of Rupees from me. He is still threatening me that he will for sure do immense harm to me and my family. He is residing in Model town. I sincerely request you to please help me in this regard. He is residing in Derawala, Model town. His mobile number is 9818175929. I have filed a complaint several times, but nothing has been happening from their side. I sincerely request you to take care of this request and help me.
    Thank you.
    Sunil Dogra


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