HJS staged protest against Communal Violence Bill 2011

1:52 PM, Tuesday, July 5th, 2011
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HJS protest against Communal Violence Bill 2011Mangalore: The activists of the Hindu Janajagruthi Samithi staged a protest in front of DC Office condemning the draft of the Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill 2011 as anti Hindu policy.
Addressing the protestors, Sangeetha Prabhu from Sanathana Sanstha said that the draft of which was prepared by the National Advisory, Council headed by Sonia Gandhi and comprising social activists such as Asgar Ali Engineer and Teesta Settlewad aimed at exploiting the majority Hindus under the guise of protecting minorities.
She said that the bill has been drafted under the assumption that communal violence is created only by members of majority communities and never by members of minority communities. Accordingly, offences committed by members of majority communities against members of
minority communities are punishable, but the same offences committed by minority communities against majority communities are not considered to be offences at all, she said.
Samithi District Convener Ramananda Gowda said that this bill does not apply to Jammu and Kashmir, where Hindus are minorities. The structure of the bill is based on the premise that majority communities can never become victims of communal violence and that they would only
perpetrate it.
The Samithi distributed the pamphlets to create awareness against the bill and launched a signature campaign in DK district.
Lakshmeesha Gabladka, Jagadish Shetty of Patanjali Yoga Samithi, Kumar Malemar of Sri Ram Sene, Uttam of Students Union and many participated in the protest.


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