Seminar on Zakath and Ramzan at Tax Office Hall

8:37 PM, Saturday, July 30th, 2011
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Importance of Zakath and RamadanMangalore: A seminar on Zakath (head tax) and Ramzan (fast) was arranged in a tax office in Mangalore on Saturday, July 30 by AB Beary Parishad.
Speaking as a Chief Guest on the occasion, M.B Puranik, VHP leader, stated that VHP was never against Muslims, but vested interests created a wrong notion. Hindus, Muslims and Christians in modern India, could not live apart, but they should cultivate better understanding mutually to prosper.
S.M.J Faizi stated that Zakath did not indicate generosity of the rich towards the poor, but signified the right of the poor for a part of wealth. Ramzan the fasting month, Faizi said helps the Muslims understand the understand the agonies of those not having food to eat by remaining A.M Soorlapadi, chief of AB Beary Academy chairman MBA Rahman and Abbas Hassan were chief guests. B.A Mohammed Haneef secretary made introductory remarks. B.Abdul Azeez conducted the programme.


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