KSRTC celebrates 50th founders days celebratio

2:50 PM, Monday, August 1st, 2011
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KSRTC-DepoMangalore : Mangalore KSRTC celebrated its 50th founders day celebration at KSRTC Depot on August 1, Monday.
Chief guest M R Vasudev, managing director of Mangalore Airport, said that there is no discrimination between road transport workers and air transport workers, but road transport works more than the air transport. Further the Volvo buses will be plying over to Mangalore Airport and it is beneficiary for Airport, he added.
The KSRTC must not quit the running of some buses since it do not get profit in the very beginning, but they must have patience to work regular, since every days effort will help the company to prosper in future.
During the running of buses from Airport, the drivers may feel some problem with the passengers, but further it may help to lead a smooth journey. They must also understand the problems of passengers while boarding, hence the drivers must place the board of various places, to help the passengers, he informed.
Regional Transport Officer Mallikarjuna, said that the satellite bus stations must be implemented for private as well as government buses, so notifivcation is meant for both.
In-charge Divisional Controller C. Yeshwanth Kumar welcomed the gathering and said that Volvo is an expensive transport and they are not expecting result over night, but they do not meet half of the expense, then running such buses is of no use.
Diwakar, staff read the report of the KSRTC aims and principles.
K.G.Nanjappa, senior assistant Director of Factories and Ram Moorthy, Depot officer were also present.


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