Ullal Police hunt out Bajrangi attackers (6) on a Rave Party

3:59 PM, Thursday, August 18th, 2011
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Ullal ResortMangalore: Six activists, some of them Bajrang Dal activities, were arrested by Ullal police on Tuesday, Aug 16. They had alleged to have gate-crashed into a birthday rave party in a farm guest house near Ullal, early morning on Aug 14. All were Hindu youths.
Robin and friends were enjoying a birthday party on Saturday night in Someshwar Ullal. The group of 30 had consumed liquor, made noises and danced on a floor for hours. At 3 AM in Sunday, Bajrangis attacked them, ransacked the gay party, and beat some of the merry –makers.
Sharan Pumpwell, convenor of Bajrandal  and main accused, evaded arrest. Some Bajrangis told that drugs and liquor were consumed by party parades but the police turned a Nelson’s eye, so the Dal had to intervene. The attackers face non-bail able charges under IPC.
One participant informed that Ganja was available at this Rave revelry. Bajrang Dal activities vandalised the venue in their zeal. The owner of the guesthouse is also booked under sections relating to late night boisterous parties.


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