Delhi Court (Gate 5) rocked by Bomb blast: 9 dead, 45 injured

12:52 PM, Wednesday, September 7th, 2011
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Delhi-High-court-blastNew Delhi: An explotion rocked Delhi High Court premises at Gate No.5 around 10-15am (morning) on Wednesday (Sept.7), with  45 persons getting injured in the blasts. They were rushed to RM Lohia Hospital and Safdarjung.
U.K. Bansal a special secretary to the Govt., stated in TV that the bomb had a medium intensity and that 9 people at least, lost their lives.The bomb was probably hidden in a suitcase around the security counters of Gate No.5 of the Court, where visitors get security passes. They got a bomb instead. The area is now cordoned off from inquisitive people, said Dharmendra Kumar, Spl. Commissioner of Police. Today being the busy day for filing PILS, more people thronged the courts. Litigants are issued passes at Gate No.5, which is the busiest area. NS Guards are deployed in the damaged area now. People are checked with metal detectors.


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