Traffic movement restricted for smooth flow of Dasara procession

8:42 AM, Thursday, October 6th, 2011
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Mangalore TraficMangalore : As a part of Mangalore Dasara procession and the Car Festival of Mangaladevi Temple, the movement of vehicles has been diverted to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic on Oct 6 Thursday.

Since the procession of idols of Goddess Sharada and the Navadurgas will take place from Kudroli Gokarnanatha Temple at 4:00 pm on Thursday and move towards Mannagudda, Lady Hill, PVS Circle, Navabharath Circle, Hampankatta, KB Circle, Mohini Vilas, Car Street, Balaji, and will return to Kudroli Temple, for the immersion of idols, the restrictions on vehicle movement will be imposed at 4:00 pm on Thursday and will be in effect till Friday morning

While the traffic restrictions for Mangaladevi Car Festival, will be placed from 7:00 pm. on Oct 6, Thursday.


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