2 great immersion Ceremony processions tonight: at Mangaladevi and Kudroli

5:10 PM, Thursday, October 6th, 2011
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Kudroli-DasaraMangalore: Both Mangaladevi Temple and Kudroli Gokarnanath Temple have Navaratri Shobha-Yatras(Immersion Ceremony final processions )scheduled on Mahanavami 9th day) on October 6, Thursday. It is a great occasion for devotees of both temples, and the crowds are likely to be divided.

The Bengalis of Mangalore have their Durga Puja on a cross road of M.G.Road, as the old venue has been taken over at Palke Hall by a jewellers’ Company.

It is Mangaladevi Navaratri festival that takes precedence over Kudroli temple in celebrations today. The traffic  arrangements change here today at 7PM for the Rath-yatra. Movements of vehicles near Cassia, Monkey stand and Sasihithlu lanes are banned once the immersion procession starts from the age-old temple at Mangaladevi All vehicles going via Cassia are directed towards Jeppu Market-Mulihithlu.

The 7km.long procession of Kudroli temple idols moving all through the night on main roads of Mangalore city beigns at 5Pm Idols of Sharada, Nava durgis and Lord Ganapathi will cover the entire distance before returning to kudroli for immersion in  the morning at the local pool.

Decked up chariots(tableaus), montages, traditional dances, Tiger Dance groups, large dolls in various forms (male, female, Yaksha etc) and gymnastic feats will accompany the Navaratri idols.

Colourful lights have been arranged on both sides of the 7Km long path, with police protection Traffic on the path, once the procession starts moving, will be diverted in view of large crowds. Shobhayatra  goes along MG Road, Jyothi Circle, Hampankatta, Car Street and Alake. Over 50 tableaus and dozens of dancing parties d bhjan singers will be in the long procession tonight .The event is a tourist attraction in city.


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