Remembrance: Kalladi Vithal Shetty-6th death anniversary

5:25 PM, Tuesday, November 1st, 2011
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Kalladi Vital ShettyUllal: Speaking at Ira Kundavu Somanatheshwara temple on Saturday here, Harinarayana Asranna of Kateel temple stated that the Yakshagana art was hitherto kept at an entertaining stage only, but was improved upon by  K.Vithal Shetty, manager of Meals, to a higher level of worship in different forms. Shetty conducted both Durga Parameshwari Dashavatara Mela and Karnataka Yakshagana Mela with great devotion, raising their standards of performance, H.N. Asranna added, in the 6th year of remembrance on Shetty’s death anniversary here.

Asranna noted that Shetty looked after the Mela members kindly, and ran the kateelu Mela extremely well, raising its stature as a performers team, beholden to patrons as well.

Administrator of Ira temple, kalladi Vajraksha Malli presided. Asranna brothers Vasudeva and Laxminarayana made benedictory speeches.

Dr. Satish Bhandary and K. Deviprasad Shetty were present. Ira temple trustee Y.B. Sunder Welcomed the gathering. Suresh Kottari conducted the proceedings and thanked.

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