Laksha Deepotsava at Udupi Madhwa Lake and Carstreet surroundings

6:33 PM, Tuesday, November 8th, 2011
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Laksha-DeeposavaUdupi: The Paryaya Shirur Math Swami Laxmivara Tirtha, took a prominent role in conducting the Laksha Deepotsava(lights in lakhs) celebrations at Madhwa Teertha Sarovara(lake), in front of Udupi Sri Krishna Math, on Monday(November 7) close to Car Street which was decorated festively with hundreds of lights, and earthen lamps on the occasion of Tulsi Puja Day.

Offerings of Tulsi leaves Garlands were made to Lord Krishna for eleven days, from Diwali till now, and 12th day of Karthik Dwadashi became a day full of lights and lamps.

Ksheerabdhi or milk in plenty, was offered to kadegoldu Krishna in the presence of Tulsi(who married him) and a Teppotsava(boat in the form of a floating carriage) was held in Madhwa lake.

Palimaru Math Swami Vidyadheesh and Kaniyoor Math Swami Vidya vallabha, assisted Laxmivara Swamiji in lighting rows upon rows of lamps on the occasion, to mark’ Deepa Prajvalan’(Kindling of light), against a background of darkness.

Devotees followed them in car street, enthusiastically to light large areas with lamps and lanterns set in rows to add gaiety, pomp and pleasure, to the festival of souls, that are really burning lamps.


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