ATM thieves from Tamil Nadu arrested

10:11 PM, Thursday, December 15th, 2011
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Atm thievesMangalore : In broad daylight thieves have made away with Rs. 32 lakhs, which was meant to be deposited into an SBI ATM machine in Milagres, Mangalore on Dec 15 Thursday.

The security personnel had arrived in a car filled with bags of money to be deposited in the SBI ATM , while they carried only one bag, leaving the others inside the car. 
The thieves, who were observing from a distance, diverted the attention of the car driver by placing a Rs. 10 note on the car. When the driver got out, the thieves lifted the bags and fled the scene with Rs. 32 lakh, which was inside the bags.

DCP Dharmaiah and other police personnel visited the place.

Although rumored to have that thieves from the UP, it has now turned out that the thieves hail from Tamil Nadu.

According to reliable sources, the thieves had escaped on a KSRTC bus. They noticed that the police were checking all buses in Adyar and tried to escape, but they were caught and soon the others were also caught.

The thieves were caught less than 30 minutes after they escaped with bags of money outside the SBI ATM at Milagres. They were taken to Mangalore Rural Police Station, which had to be locked from inside to keep inquisitive reporters out.

Two more thieves are absconding and the police have launched a manhunt for them. The absconding thieves are Kamal and Yuvaraj Trithi.


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