Milk prices may shoot up by Rs. 5 a litre in 2012

8:17 PM, Monday, December 19th, 2011
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Nandini milkMangalore: Not only Oil/Petroleum Products, but Dairy milk is getting dearer with a hike of Rs. 5 a letre on Nandini Milk sachets in near future.

Already, the rate is hovering around Rs. 20 a litre, like the auto-rikshaw minimum travel fare. Now add Rs. 5 more, that’s all.

Although the date of hike in milk prices is not fixed, mothers and babies are showing extra concern, while Dairy farmers are beating drums in excitement and a suppressed joy, as they already get Rs. 18.50 on a litre of raw milk suppliers, with over 22 laksh (dairy) farmers as members. They get Rs. 2 as subsidy, apart from a price of Rs. 18/50 to Rs. 19/50 a litre, at present.

These 22 lakh farmers (6.75 lakhs of women included) supply 45 lakh litres a day to KMF and its unions (as in Kulshekhar in city)

The farmers demand more, as they are paying more on transport and fodder for milk cattle. The KMF administrative Council recently took a decision to ask the Government to raise the milk rates per litre.

Apart from mil, several products to eat and drink are made out of Nandini milk these days, (Pedhas and Classic etc.,) and sent to various city/rural for sale in city and suburbs.

The milk rate in Karnataka is supposed to be less than what is charged in neighboring states (between Rs 27 to 30) in India. There is drought situation in 25 districts in own state, and fodder prices have gone up, say farmers.

Hence, to provide them succour, milk prices keep climbing every year. The present hike may become applicable in the New Year 2012, say the Nandini directors.

The farmers could get Rs. 25 a litre on milk, if all goes well. There are thousands dependent on the white revolution in rural or suburban areas, for employment and decent livelihood.

The consumers however, may have to be satisfied with one cup of milk or tea per day, as mothers and children need more milk in a family than the bread-earner for their growth and hard work at home and schools.


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