CM Family members undertake several vows completion services

2:16 PM, Monday, January 2nd, 2012
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Datty-thulabharaSubrahmanya: The family members of CM Devaragunda Sadananda Gowda, performed “Sarpa-Samskara” vowed services to Snake God in Subrahmanya at the ancient temple and CM’s wife Datty S Gowda also offered “Tulabhara” seva for health as per her vow to the God here, on Saturday.

CM’s younger son Karthik had returned from Sabarimalai to Mangalore on Saturday and quickly left for Subrhmanya to join the religious proceedings.

The reception officer of the temple, A. Venkatrao, welcomed the CM’s family members including Datty’s brothers from Kodagu.

Sadanada-Gowda-in-KukkeCM’s brother Bhaskar Gowda and (wife) Veena joined in the performances of rituals of ‘Sarpa Samskara’ (snake worship). Apart from Datty and Son Karthik, another brother of CM, Suresh Gowda and (Wife) Chetana, their children and family friend B.N. Lokesh, were also present during the various vows completion services.

Ms. Datty S. Gowda several rice, jaggery and coconuts in getting weighed (Tulabhara), in God’s presence. Temple priest, Narayana Nurithaya conducted the service and blessed the entire family members of CM.

Several other services, like grant of cow (Go-daan), Naga pratishta and Brahmachari worship (for a dead son), besides Aslesha bali vows (food offer) were also performed.


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